Как исправить ошибку 24-371 на Xerox Versant 80, 180, 2100, 3100

  • 16 июля 2020 15:34:22
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Прикладываем решение проблемы из e-docs.

024-371 IOT-ESS Communication Fail 21

Error type

Sub System Fail

Fault Content

The communication between the ESS and IOT has not been established, which is detected by the Controller.

Detection Conditions

When the Controller and IOT are turned ON (including recovery from Power Saver mode), a response from the IOT to a request to

establish communications from the Controller was not detected within the specified time.

Corrective Actions

Turn the power OFF then ON. If the problem persists, perform the following procedure to repair it.

OF-06 IOT System Fail

The ESS PWB should be also replaced.

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